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Education tours feature expert lecturers and visits to universities and other colleges. Our mission is to make sure everyone goes home with newly obtained credits, along with a new-found fascination for Australia and its remarkable natural and cultural diversity.

Education Study Tours of Australia

Australia-Naturally Travel arranges general or in-depth tours for universities, colleges and schools around the world, researching the most appropriate venues and experiences throughout Australia for each. Fields include marine and land biology, anthropology, animal science, geology, communications, sports, business and history. Some of our trips qualify for university and college credits.

Marine and Land Biology

Featuring North Queensland's tropical rainforests with qualified naturalist guides, a course on tropical marine biology followed by a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. Visit Dolphin, Whale and Turtle Research facilities, a pelagic trip from Sydney to view seabirds and migrating whales, visit the temperate rainforest of the spectacular Blue Mountains.

Study the geological formation of Wilpena Pound in South Australia, learn about desert plants and their survival techniques, see collections of Australia’s unusual reptiles.

Study Australia’s wildlife at a variety of educational facilities – contact us for more details.


Study Australian Aboriginal culture - both historical and contemporary. Talk with Aboriginal people, young and old; learn about their customs; how they make artefacts and forest medicines. Visit museums and Aboriginal communities.

Study Australia’s aboriginal history at a variety of educational facilities – contact us for more details.


Meet with business people from different walks of life; meet expatriates from your country of origin who have successfully established businesses in Australia (including banks, housing estates, tourism enterprises and agriculture).

Itineraries can include major cities and country centres where very successful regional developments have taken place. Every group leader has his/her own ideas of places to visit and we do our best to make these happen!

Let us connect you to the right people in Australia in your field of business interest – contact us for more details.

Literature and Culture

Visit museums and art galleries; talk with authors; explore the unique countryside which inspired many unique artistic endeavours. Tours can include various cities as well as outback areas.

Learn about Australia's culture at a variety of educational facilities  and being introduced to local historians – contact us for more details.


Every geology master or professor usually has a clear idea of what the group needs to experience - and there are plenty of possibilities. Visit Cairns and outer regions for extinct volcanic sites, interesting caves (some formed by lava) and the Great Barrier Reef. Further west, towards the centre of Australia Broken Hill features silver and other ore mining, remarkable lunettes at Mungo National Park and the ancient red ranges of Mootwingee.

Trek Australia’s ancient landscape with the help of leading experts in the field you wish to explore. – contact us for more details.

Animal Science

There are a number of diverse possibilities in this category. As an example, we have worked with beef and horse groups, visiting feed lots, farms and staying overnight with farmhosts.

Clubs and organisations throughout Australia provide enormously diverse experiences for groups with particular interests. While in Canberra, we always drop into Federal Parliament House - fascinating building which houses the seat of Australia Government

Hear first hand about Australia's animal science initiatives and being introduced to local characters – contact us for more details.

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