What We Do For You

Our team of professional birding and nature guides across Australia provide you with up to the minute expert advice on destinations, species, transport options and current conditions.

"We're back now and have almost regained our normal sleep patterns, This is a message to say thanks once more for arranging the logistics of an exceptionally comprehensive itinerary with lots of birds, mammals, reptiles and landscapes."

Dave & Joan - UK

Birding Tours

Australia’s 700-or-so species of birds range from Birds of Paradise in the tropical north, thousands of colorful parrots in the country’s vast, red interior, and unusual ground dwellers like the mallee fowl, lyrebird, emu and cassowary. Our small-group tours travel throughout Australia, ticking as many species as possible, or search for elusive birds such as the Plains Wanderer and Southern Cassowary. Our guides are expert birders with engaging personalities and excellent people skills.

Nature Touring

Australia is home to some of the most unique animals in the world. We'll take you into rainforests, deserts and open eucalypt forests to observe wildlife in their natural habitat during the day and at night. Activities after dark are essential because most of Australia's mammals are nocturnal. For the most diverse range of Australian wildlife, visit the tropics of northern Queensland, the Top End of the Northern Territory and Kimberley region of Western Australia; the deserts of Central Australia and South Australia; the temperate regions within New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and southern Western Australia; and the cool temperate island state of Tasmania.

Friends Of Zoos

International links between zoos are vital for education and conservation. Tour groups greatly appreciate behind-the-scenes visits, especially when devoted to endangered species. Tours can include expeditions into rainforests and open eucalypt forests to observe wildlife, by day and night. After-dark options are essential because most of Australia’s mammals are nocturnal.

Alumni Groups

We have looked after many prestigious United States Alumnis – tailoring tours to the interests of participants. Examples: culture, art and history, natural history, art museum exhibitions, and Aboriginal culture and art. Groups can be of any size. We arrange specialist guides to suit your Alumni’s special area of interest. Each group leader (Professor or Alumni Director) provides us with details and we customise the tour accordingly. All trips include evenings with expert lecturers.